Precious Bond

A tiny hand, a tender touch, a bond that last forever.

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"To create exquisite pieces of jewellery that celebrate your unforgettable moments and carrying your life miracle forever."

MIRACLE Jewellery Care Kit!

This holiday season, we're delighted to offer you an extra special treat. With any purchase, you will receive a complimentary MIRACLE Jewellery Care Kit. It's the perfect addition to ensure your precious pieces stay beautiful and sparkling for years to come.

By following the simple care instructions included in the kit, you can protect your pieces from tarnish, dust, and other environmental factors that may dull their sparkle.



Diamonds color affects the appearance of the stone. MIRACLE only accept D-H color grade diamonds in our jewellery.


Inclusion directly affects the sparkle of diamonds; therefore, MIRACLE only accepts diamonds of VS grade or above. We reject all diamonds with noticeable imperfections visible to the naked eye.


MIRACLE diamonds, from the smallest to the largest stone, are always cut to prioritize brilliance over carat weight.

MIRACLE Signature Bezel Setting

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Through attention to detail, we embody our persistent pursuit of perfection in jewellery, with exclusively and innovative unique design.